SHAFAF company is a group of Saudi professionals and specialists, who own possess extensive experience concerning laws and regulations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Basically, Shafaf relies on clear and precise work steps organizing the process of controlling various activities of various organizations to ensure that their various departments ,branches and sections comply with the laws, instructions, legislations and circulars issued by various legislative and controlling authorities, in order to provide necessary protection for our partners/clients against any violation of laws, irregularities, civil, penal or administrative claims, filed against them by any regulatory  party or clients. Whereas SHAFAF provide support and explanation for our partners/clients about the details of the practical steps to comply with competent laws and controlling thereof. SHAFAF review the laws, regulations, legislations, instructions and circulars to be complied with. It also clarifies penalties and executive regulations against violators, concentrating on duties and responsibilities of all parties, starting from senior management of the organization to the employees and all staff.

SHAFAF is one of the most robust partners specialized in controlling the Saudi market. SHAFAF team is comprised of a team of  specialists who are certified by international controlling authorities, having a universal experience in the field of control, such as Anti-Money Laundry and Financing Terrorism, Combating Financial Crimes, compliance, conformity and corporate governance. Moreover, they are certified by Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS), Association of Certified Financial Crime Specialists (ACFCS) and international experience in this field.

SHAFAF services include all legal requirements that assist employees to access  information, laws and regulations governing organized business that must be adhered to. It also works on establishing a culture of compliance among all staff of the organization, at all job levels. Thus, instilling confidence in both staff and partners. It also provides the right tools for self-control and defines the duties and responsibilities of all staff so as not to duplicate functions.

Compliance with this program accurately will facilitate the organization to achieve a great thing, which is staying at the forefront and keep abreast of various developments, which will reflect, in a positive way, on the organization and employees for processing all noncompliance conditions, due to lack of awareness or information among all job levels in the organization to be processed one by one, to insure protecting all organization’s assets, through applying appropriate and effective controls and applying best practices and methods, as well as updating the organization with new laws and regulations.

| Scope of Services

Our consulting services are applicable to   government bodies, public sector, its affiliated entities, authorities, charities and private sector with its various activities, administrative levels, services, workshops, meetings, various work centers and new and existing projects inside and outside KSA, in addition to financial institutions.

| Purpose

The main purpose of SHAFAF is to ensure activating the role of compliance and that is has an effective and efficient dimension in achieving the ambitions and objectives of the organization, in an accurate and precise manner through unifying different cultures, based on the past experience of the organization staff and partners. Whereas most organization staff are experienced professionals and do  not working within a unified culture for compliance, which constitute a significant challenge to rebuild and shape these cultures in a single form of “culture of private organization”. The phase of establishing this culture is one of the most difficult phases of transformation. Whereas it requires establishing individual legal liability of employees and partners and ensure their complete awareness of compliance requirements  a, through applying all control processes and policies to ensure the level of activating the role of compliance effectively. All of the above-mentioned places the organization at highest level in applying the competent laws, matching the best international practices in this field and that the organization to become an example to be followed at the national and international levels of the systems concerned and to keep abreast of the best global practices in this area and to set  an example for related similar  organizations to be followed at the national and international levels.